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It’s a blockbuster lineup of A-list brand collaborations, where success isn’t just a story, it’s a bestseller!
Our team member designed this logo for Times Network, and upon its launch, Times Network had the honor of inviting the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, to unveil it. We take immense pride in presenting this logo to you.
One of our talented team members crafted the book cover for Agam Pandit, a friend within our team. Impressed by the design, Agam requested our team member to create a book cover for his mom. After diving into the book’s content and understanding its essence, our team member not only designed the cover but also suggested the book’s title and provided a synopsis for the back. The story takes an exciting turn when Agam himself presented the book to U.S. President Bill Clinton. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton appreciated the book, including the elements our team member had suggested and created.
One of our team members curated an India Visitor Guide for Coca-Cola, highlighting the famous places and their unique attractions. The guide provides insights into the distinctive reasons each place is renowned.
One of our team members masterfully designed a 3D kiosk for Coca-Cola, strategically placed in airports across India. The innovative design captures the essence of Coca-Cola’s brand experience for travelers nationwide.
We are thrilled to unveil the Skoda Slavia Launch Ad, expertly designed by our team. Skoda has invested over 50 Lakhs in advertising nationwide, spanning newspapers, hoardings, and more. Witness the impact as we bring this remarkable campaign to audiences across India.
Our team member crafted this unique logo for Coca-Cola exclusively for the Mall Jam session. The inaugural showcase took place at a mall in Bangalore, marking the exciting debut of this design. The story unfolds from there, as the logo captured attention and made its presence known.
Our team member designed the Minute Maid label for Puply Orange in-house at Coca-Cola. Collaborating closely with the Brand Manager, they crafted a compelling design. Once completed, we entrusted the final product to the renowned Ogilvy Advertising Agency. Witness the seamless synergy that brought this exceptional label to life!
Our team member crafted the vibrant Radio Mirchi poster for the promotion and sponsorship of the Delhi Marathon. In support of this exciting event, we designed compelling posters and eye-catching standees to amplify the presence of Radio Mirchi. Our creative efforts aim to resonate with the spirit of the Delhi Marathon and enhance the visibility of Radio Mirchi as a proud sponsor.
Our team member created the Cibil poster, illustrating a creative approach to convey the essence of teamwork. The poster not only showcases the collaborative spirit but also serves as an inspiration for team members. It’s a visual representation of how, as a team, we work cohesively and inspire each other to achieve collective success.
We take immense pride in the fact that one of our team members conceived the Shopper Stop bag. It journeyed through the agency and looped back to us, showcasing the creativity and innovation within our team.

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